Incubation and chick rearing hire equipment is now available. If you want to witness the miracle of new life and see a chick hatch in your own home, workplace, school or care environment we have just the equipment to enable you to do this.

Our equipment will allow you to hatch chicks from fertile eggs, then "brood" them safely with the correct equipment to keep them alive, safe and happy.

Our incubators are fully automatic, the brooders are self contained with all water and feed taken care of. They come fully equipped with all the necessary items to let the chicks thrive and allow you to interact with them as they make themselves busy in their home.

We deliver the equipment and set it up for you. We also train you in its use. At each stage we are available via phone, email or text with any concerns or issues you have. After the 2 weeks from hatching the chicks are returned to us for joining with our existing flocks and chicks of their own age.

Incubators are available once fertility starts to rise after Christmas and till early Autumn when fertility drops off considerably.