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20 Kilo bag. In spite of Covid-19 we are managing to get limited supplies of feed. Not our usual brand and not always the same brand. Feed prices have risen we are afraid so we are having to charge more per bag. Bags are limited to 1 per customer. Collection Only making sure social distancing guidance is observed.

Collection by telephoning 01244 646026 after order is made.

We will leave your order at the front of the driveway by arrangement so you don't need to knock as payment has already been arranged. Weather permitting

We would recommend you have limited contact with the bag and ensure you wash hands and any other contacted surfaces thoroughly. After a day or so the bag (if it becomes infected during any stage) should no longer be a risk. According to the latest health advice, we believe that paper and cardboard can't support a living virus more than a few hours, but a day or so is wise as extra insurance. The bags delivered to us have been stored away from us and have not been touched for at least a few days in all cases so any residual potential virus contamination should be long dead. We will use gloves when handling from our side.

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