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Swedish Black based yellow

We invariably have several cockerels for sale whatever the time of year. They are £15 each. The breeds we currently have are

  • Swedish Flower Hen Cockerels uncrested various colours youngsters hatched May 2022
  • Ixworth cockerels hatched May 2022
  • Swedish Flower cockerels hatched May 2022
  • Salmon Faverolles cockerels – currently none available.

These roosters are what we have left from our breeding program. We handle them regularly so consequently, they are mild mannered and accepting of human interaction. All are hatched May 2022 so are still quite young. The younger boys might therefore be a better fit in a much younger flock. Please note that we never pass on any unruly or bad tempered cockerels. That is dirty pool as far as we are concerned.

Cockerels make a beautiful and valuable addition to a flock of hens because they excel as an early warning sign of danger. They will protect their flock of hens with vigour against any predator and very often with their lives. The boys also find food for the flock and will very happily provide fertility for the eggs when they are laid. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it – right?

It is always better to match the hen breed size with a similar sized cockerel. Something like a Cochin for instance is better suited to the large breed sizes like Cochin, Orpington or indeed another Brahma. You don’t need to get the same breed of cockerel as your hens, however, unless you want to do breeding for pure breeds.

Please note that we do not sell our boys for the table or for any other purpose than to accompany a flock of hens.

All our cockerels are categorised as large fowl and large fowl heavy. They will not be suitable for bantam sized hens to avoid a squashing event.

Examples of some of our Breeds in cockerel form

Available Roosters

The gallery above is a small selection of what we may have available at various times. Most are youngsters and don’t have proper tails yet as the hens they are with are finding them irresistible. Boys also feather up more slowly than the hens and almost always have a bare back and rather stumpy tail. These are the last feathers to make an appearance. Cockerels don’t show their true finery until they are at least 6 months old and even later in some breeds like Cochin.

All the boys we have are £15 each which reflects the amount of care and socialisation we have given to them as they grow. It also contributes to their feed and bedding costs. Selling the boys too cheaply also means that they could more likely become prey to those who might wish to do them harm or worst still use them for illegal fighting or baiting.

The benefits of having a cockerel

Many people will tell you that a cockerel will prevent any hens have too much of a fight for the pecking order because he becomes top dog. This is not really accurate. Cockerels have 3 functions, 1. to find food, 2 to protect the flock, 3 to make more chickens. They are not really good at breaking up fights. What they do do is to make sure that the hens feel safe because they can leave the protection duties to the boy. A flock without a guardian has to do all the work themselves so they are always on high alert to detect any danger. The hens form the pecking order amongst themselves. A head chicken is always a hen. Cockerels form their own hierarchy amongst the males. Just like humans, many males like to portray that they are in charge, but the reality is often a different story.

Warnings and advisory about Cockerels

Cockerels are a very protective creature. As far as they are concerned, the hens belong to them, and them alone. They will take any perceived threat very seriously. A cockerel in attack mode will attack out of the blue with apparently no warning. Learn to understand their behaviour and more often than not they will not feel the need to feel defensive because of you. Adult Cock birds have VERY sharp spurs which will slice through wellingtons with ease. We would advise against allowing any children to be around any cockerels. Cockerels in attack mode can do some serious and potentially life-changing damage to a child.

Warnings to consider with cockerel behaviour

  • Making any loud noises or shouting around a cock bird will dramatically increase his alert level and can cause him to lash out.
  • He is more likely to be in a more alert state in peak breeding season which is Spring and Summer.
  • Don’t bend over facing onto a cockerel. This is a direct threat posture.
  • Always listen to his noises. If he is making a deep murmur with 3 syllables then he is definitely warning you. Stand still and don’t look him in the eye. Bop bop bop bop bop noises are generally good noises.
  • Always watch his body language. If he raises his shoulder or his neck hackles, or pacing back and forth – be wary.
  • Always look sideways to a bird. Looking straight in the eyes is a sign of a direct challenge.
  • Don’t allow noisy children to run around these birds. An attack on a child could cause serious injury or blindness.
  • If you try to pick up any uncooperative hen, he will see that as a challenge.
  • When the light is fading, he is on very high alert. He cannot see very well in poor light and will instinctively react if he feels insecure.
  • Despite all of the above, you may get very little warning so get to know your bird.

Gaining rapport

There are many schools of thought on how to build a good relationship with a cockerel. We find that as we handle them at least twice a day then they accept the interaction and don’t see us as a threat. Handle them respectfully and kindly as they need to trust you. Abuse that trust and you won’t generally be able to recover the situation. You only have to get it wrong once and they don’t forgive or forget.

Noise nuisance and Cockerels

A cock-a-doodle-doo can be issued at random hours of the night if they hear a noise outside the coop. They do like to join in with the dawn chorus. Crowing and singing at dawn is common with all birds and at random intervals during the day. If they can hear another cock they will have crowing competitions which can go on for some time. The cockerel who has uttered the last word is the most powerful so there is a lot riding on it as far as they are concerned. This has to be considered if you are within earshot of neighbours.

It is a total myth that cockerels need to stretch their heads and cannot crow if head height is restricted. Keeping them in absolute darkness won’t stop them either. Putting a cover over your coop will block ventilation holes which is obviously bad for their health. They know the time regardless of whether they can see daylight or not. They have acute hearing which means they can hear the dawn chorus which is an irresistible signal to them to join in and have a good old sing song. Cock birds in common with all other birds will have a little “natter” at dusk as the flock settles down for the night.

Facts about noise

In consultation with a noise engineer I gained the following nugget of information. “Sound is like water” if there is a hole, sound will escape. This means you would have to make your coop airtight to avoid noise escaping. Impossible right? Airtight and living creatures is not really a good mix.

A possible workaround to reduce Cockerel Noise

We bring all our cockerels in overnight into their own boxes so they don’t wake the neighbourhood. They go back out after 8am. This can work well for you as it did for us for many years. If you want to keep a cockerel in a built up area you need to be prepared to do some work. Environmental Health can make you get rid of the birds if they cause upset between the hours of 11pm and 8am or also if they cause a noise nuisance during the day. Noise nuisance of cockerels is measured by the local authorities in each area. Each authority tends to have their own definition of what their rules are, and which constitutes a noise nuisance so be aware of your obligations.

Cockerel noise is something which is a bone of contention. In an urban or rural setting, we are exposed on a daily basis, to dogs barking, children screeching and wailing, emergency sirens, cows mooing, house and car alarms ringing, motorbikes revving their engines, car radios blaring out, traffic noise, factories hissing, couples arguing, drunks staggering and yelling, dawn chorus, seagulls mewing, crows and jackdaws cawing, football fans chanting and church bells ringing. Despite all this, none of these loud events are thought of by the powers that be to be worthy of prosecution, yet cockerels are. We have been encouraged to learn that France has been enlightened enough to decree that cockerels are allowed to have their say without the fear of an enforced death sentence. Good for them!

And Finally

It should be noted that you do NOT need a cockerel for your hens to lay eggs. Hens will still lay eggs even if they have never seen a cockerel in their entire lives. There are many many cockerels needing homes due to the fact that they are noisy and they fight if there is another boy in the vicinity. If you are able to give a cockerel a safe and secure home then please do.

Chickens For Sale

Chickens for sale

What Chickens For Sale Do We Have?

Brahma garden hen

Here at Hedgerow Henporium you will find that we have a varied selection of sweet-natured chickens for sale, all at different ages. We generally have between 50 and 150 birds available. Our stock changes frequently throughout the year. It may turn out that we don’t have the age you are currently looking for, but we probably will in a few weeks time. Browse through our breeds pages as this lists what hens for sale we currently have. This will also give you more background on our lovely ladies. Hopefully this further information will assist you to make an informed decision.

How to Choose your chickens

Julie or Keith will be on hand to help you make your choice. We will offer hens for sale based on what is suitable for your situation, skill level and which will also be the most compatible with your household. Choosing a chicken is a bit like choosing chocolates because not everyone likes the same colour etc. You may find that once you have been introduced to our girls, then you might even go home with something completely different from your original intention. I put this down to the chickens themselves because they are very capable of captivating their new owners very easily.

We are very keen to match you with your birds which is our top priority rather than to make a sale. If we think that you will have difficulty with your preferred choice then we will certainly advise against it and make alternative suggestions. Well matched flocks are more peaceful which in turn causes less stress to their keepers in the long run.

Our Ethos

Our Production and Pricing

We don’t mass produce chickens so you won’t find our birds crammed into a warehouse by the thousands. These intensively reared and rarely handled warehouse style birds have no better conditions than battery hens in our opinion.

We don’t “pile ’em high and sell ’em cheap” but we do charge a fair price for our chickens for sale. This accounts for the amount of work we have devoted to our lovely ladies. There are plenty of people who will sell birds cheaply by cutting corners but this is not our way.

As chickens are flock creatures we do not sell single birds on welfare grounds.

Outsourced Birds

We always like to know the history of any of our hens for sale, so we don’t visit auctions to buy birds to sell on. You cannot guarantee the health status of auction birds that have been bought for buttons. Health is important to us and our birds and we won’t risk that for anything.

We do buy hatchery chicks in at day-old for some of our hybrids and our Muirfield stock but we raise them our way. The parent stock of hatchery chicks are disease free so there is no vertical transmission of disease from parent to chick via the egg. Raising them ourselves therefore means we know their health status and we know them individually.

Our Hen Guarantee

We will not cheat you by palming you off with a cockerel either. There are plenty of people who have  day old chicks for sale that have not a rats chance in hell of being sexed correctly. We would recommend you avoid these people as they give no comeback. If we sell a hen to you we will happily exchange it in the very rare event it turns out to be a cockerel. Any chicks that are sold as “unsexed” are not covered by a hen guarantee at all.

Cockerels for Sale

If you are looking for cockerels then check our cockerels page out. There are many cockerels looking for homes (here and elsewhere) so if you are able to provide a suitable and safe home for one then please ask.

Our older ladies looking for retirement

We also release some of our older hens in the Autumn time. These are called our retirement ladies. They have passed their peak egg production or they might not be in our breeding plans for the coming year. Most are still in lay albeit in lower numbers however this is not guaranteed. We offer these older hens for sale at lower cost. These are not “rescue hens” but we do want them to have a nice, caring home to end their days. If they are not re-homed, then they get to stay here regardless. Check out our retirement ladies page.

Do you Need to Vaccinate your chickens?

Well, the answer is, it depends on how they have been raised. Birds do need vaccinating if they have been raised in huge numbers such as in a warehouse or intensive barn. If one birds gets sick, thousands will get sick. Not vaccinating is economic suicide for the mass-rearer. Vaccination is not for your benefit entirely – it is for theirs. Small breeders like ourselves don’t need to vaccinate our hens for sale. This is because birds that have space and no stresses don’t face disease challenges. Immunity to disease is gained naturally in stress free surroundings. Stress brought on by overcrowding reduces a chickens’ immune system to virtually nothing.

Beware The Vaccination Claim Scam

You may find that some chickens for sale are described elsewhere as fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated hens go through a schedule of many different vaccinations which have to be given at very specific ages and boosters thereafter. The schedule for fully vaccinated birds will only be complete at 16 weeks old. If someone is selling a day old chick as fully vaccinated then there is obviously something amiss. Ask what vaccines have been used and at what ages. Lots of “fly-by-nights” claim full vaccination status when they have had nothing of the sort.

It is not advised to mix vaccinated and non-vaccinated birds as shedding of the virus puts non-vaccinated at risk. Not all vaccines “take” either. It depends on how well the procedure was done.

Chickens for Sale Current Availability

We list all our range of cockerels or hens for sale under the Chickens for Sale menu. We have hens for sale all through the year but choice is more limited during the winter. Our garden chickens are all sold on a first come, first served basis. If you really want a particular bird or breed, you should consider submitting a holding deposit to avoid disappointment.

Please note that the price rises with age.

How do you get tame chickens

Chickens are a prey animal so they will take a good while to get used to their new environment. In the wild, any change in their vicinity is a potential threat situation. Therefore, if you want happy, unstressed and tame chickens, it is beneficial to allow them plenty of settling in time.

Don’t discount the younger birds. They offer an ideal opportunity to become really tame and friendly with you before the rigours of laying commences.  Younger chickens are easier to handle for nervous youngsters and inexperienced adults alike. They are also cheaper, however, it does mean that you will have to wait a little longer for those delicious eggs to arrive. POL (or point of lay) is subjective and differs in each breed. Some chickens start to lay at between 20 and 22 weeks, others can be up to 35-40 weeks before the arrival of the first egg.

We are Unusual

If you decide to do a drive-by, you will be surprised at our residential exterior. Don’t be disheartened, behind our unlikely frontage beats the heart of a thriving chicken breeding Henporium. Most of our customers say “wow” when they first see how well setup we are.

Book A Visit Today (Please note that due to Covid-19 we are not open for Unbooked visits except for egg Sales)

We are open but we cannot do viewings in the “normal” sense of the word, as it would need a visit through our home. In the current climate we feel this is too risky for everyone. During covid 19 we are ensuring that we are maintaining at least a 2 metre distance. If you could keep visitors to no more than 2 people to minimise risk. Please remember to wear your mask.

We now have to bring chickens through the house to a temp viewing cage we have set up in the garage. This requires some advanced notice so we can get them ready for when you are expected to arrive.

We never sell stock that we would be unhappy to purchase ourselves.

Our chicken chores do take us outside quite a bit. More realistically, we are actually just cuddling chickens. If this is the case, we cannot hear the door knocker so please make sure to ring the bell. Once we know when you are arriving, we can be strategically placed to hear the bell. You will need to give us time to leap through the garden, and perhaps remove wellies before answering the door.


During covid 19 we are preferring card payments using our card machine so we don’t need to queue at a bank. We can take card payments or even Applepay and Googlepay. If you much prefer to pay with cash then that is acceptable also.

Transporting your birds home

We don’t often have boxes available for transport. Please bring a suitable enclosed cardboard box or pet carrier with you to transport your new girls home.


We send all our adoptees to their new homes with a complete care sheet, so you don’t flounder. All our hens for sale come with lifetime support.  We also happily offer telephone and email support at any time.

If you feel that you need more expert help to research about chicken care, then why not consider one of our invaluable chicken keeping courses. We now also have an online version. Details are on our courses page Click here for details

A good website if you are wanting a bit of the good life we recommend a visit to this website low cost living

If you have been to us before please consider leaving a review on Trustpilot via the link below

We are now collecting Reviews on Psydro as well as Trustpilot

Based on 10 reviews
Best place to buy your hens - birds are loved and handled gently- owners very knowledgeable. Thank you for spending so much time teaching me chickeny things! Michelle
Best place to buy your hens - birds are loved and handled gently- ow
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Happy with Peter Pecker the 2year old cockerel
Happy with Peter Pecker the 2year old cockerel
We Love Hedgerow Henporium
The third visit recently to adopt some new hens, our little flock is growing. Cannot fault Hedgerow Henporium, very helpful and friendly and the hens are always healthy. Having extended our hens living space I’m certain we’ll return soon for a couple more hens.
The third visit recently to adopt some new hens, our little flock is
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Happy Hens at Hedgerow Henporium
Fantastic henporium with only the best hens! We wouldn't go anywhere else! We have bought several chickens on different occasions and each time we have been so happy. They always give good advice & information plus they run courses to help you learn more. Our chickens are such fun, happy little souls... think we have started a chicken addiction so we will be visiting Hedgerow Henporium again for sure! X 👍 😁
Fantastic henporium with only the best hens! We wouldn't go anywhere
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Lovely chickens 🐔
Very helpful and chickens in great condition, Poloma,Dora the eggsplorer and Big Bertha are doing great.
Very helpful and chickens in great condition, Poloma,Dora the eggs
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Fabulous birds!
I have just bought 6 hens and a cockerel from Julie and Keith at Hedgerow Henporium and have to say the quality of service was excellent! The birds are all really healthy and have settled in well and are thriving. You get a very informative booklet with all the advice you need on caring for them and they are fully vaccinated. Julie and Keith have a wealth of knowledge and are very friendly and approachable. I would certainly recommend them and would use them again. Thank you so much to both.
I have just bought 6 hens and a cockerel from Julie and Keith at Hed
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New ladies for our flock
As with when we last bought chickens they are in good health and very friendly. They ladies have settled in now with our original girls. All beautiful birds. Julie was very knowledgeable about an issue with were having and was able advise us well. Thank you again. See pictures of 3 of our new girls.
As with when we last bought chickens they are in good health and ver
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Lovely chickens
Easy to get in touch with & great communication. Very knowledgeable about their chickens. Spoke about the breeds on the phone & I was given plenty of choices when I arrived. Chose 2 Black Rocks & 2 Brown Rocks and they are lovely and healthy. Great communication after the purchase too with answers to my questions, as being a first-time chicken owner I had a few! The whole process was made nice and simple so would not hesitate to recommend Hedgerow Henporium as a great place to get your chickens from.
Easy to get in touch with & great communication. Very knowledgeable
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Healthy, well-socialised birds.
Healthy, well-socialised birds.
Very happy 😊
We purchased our 3 hens (Betsy, Mabel and Matilda) from Julie 4 weeks ago. As first time hen keepers, Julie was extremely helpful and showed us how to handle them and provided some useful advice. It was clear they had been very well looked after. The girls settled into their new home quickly, are happy, healthy and full of character 😊.
We purchased our 3 hens (Betsy, Mabel and Matilda) from Julie 4 week
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Selection of our Available Chickens for sale

If you hover over the pictures it will tell you what they are. Click the picture and it takes you to the page for that breed so you can find out more.

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