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We designed this online chicken keeping course for both new and existing keepers of chickens. Everyone should experience the joy of chicken keeping in the garden. That joy can be tainted however by inexperienced planning and lack of understanding. Happy owners make for happy and healthy chickens. Our course goes into great depth so that you can fully understand the birds themselves and their correct care. This will bring more enjoyment for you, their lucky keepers.

If you love chickens and enjoy learning new skills then this online hen keeping course is definitely going to benefit you. It will help you gain all the knowledge that is necessary which will make your new hobby a rewarding and stress-free experience. It’s always wise to act on any new venture from a position of knowledge. There are aspects to chicken keeping that are best prepared for in advance. Our aim is that this course will give you a solid foundation to give you that confidence boost knowing that you have covered all your bases.

We know from experience that getting it wrong is stressful and expensive, in both time and money.

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12 months of access

Paying for Online Chicken Keeping Course Foundation. Plan duration 12 months from payment

What Others Have Said

By: Sue Woodhead

This course was super informative. Since doing the course I now have my first 4 rescue chickens and it helped me prepare for their arrival. I have referred to the lessons since collecting them and it has made me more confident. My girls (Whitney, Britney, Kylie and Missy) have had a really good transition and settled in well.

A Really Great Course!
By: Carolyn McCormick

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in keeping chickens. It is crammed full of most useful facts and practical advice from experts who are passionate about chickens and keen to share their knowledge and experience with other interested parties.

Very useful course, so glad I took it!
By: Suzanna Mavity

I bought this course online as I want to get some chickens for the garden. I’m so glad I did this before buying anything, it completely change my mind and perspective on equipment and it has saved me a lot of bad decisions! So useful.

Excellent Course
By: Stacey Melia

After completing the course I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is considering getting chickens. It covers every aspect of what is required and gives easy to understand advice and information in nice bite sized chunks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. I discovered there is a lot more to keeping healthy chickens than I thought and this course will prove invaluable going forward.

Great Course
By: Charlotte Stray

I have learned a great deal from this course and have already recommended it to a friend. Anyone thinking of keeping chickens should take this course.

Fantastic course
By: Louise Clifford

Well worth the money! I have learnt so much from this interactive course which I'd never have been able to do by reading books. I feel much more confident and prepared to start my chicken keeping journey. Highly recommend.

Brilliant Course!
By: Julia Holmes

The Online Chicken Keeping Course is such a good course for someone thinking about keeping chickens. There is so much to consider and this course covers it all, set out in an informative and easy to understand method. It is extremely good value, considering the amount of content. I cannot recommend it more highly

Very informative course.
By: Nick Wright

I have read several books on basic chicken keeping, but I have found this course to be the most comprehensive. I have changed my plans and moved away from an Eglu coop due to the advice given on the course. I also found the day-to-day sections useful to help work out how much time I would need to spend on daily/weekly cleaning etc. The advice on the different types of bedding was especially useful. I have made a note to purchase hemp or Probed bedding with some bio-dry to make cleaning easier.

Outstanding Course
By: Keith Le Poidevin

The online Hedgerow Henporium chicken keeping course is an absolute must for anyone like me who just weeks ago had no idea how to keep chickens or knew anything about them. Hedgerow have changed all that with this course. If you are serious about keeping chickens, spend your first £35 on this course. The information gained will set you up and give you confidence to begin looking after your chickens in an informed and enjoyable way. The course is a mini encyclopaedia of information, which is easy to follow through text, diagram, sound and video with a quiz at the end of each section to check your learning.

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