• Biodri Disinfectant

    Biodri Coop Sanitising Powder

    £2.50£22.50 Select options

    Biodri is a super absorbent DEFRA grade disinfecting, drying and deodorising powder. Suitable for use in all animal housing and with animals and birds of all ages. Refills

  • Equipment

    Chickenguard Automatic Door Opener

    £134.00 Add to basket

    Chicken keepers automatic pop-hole opener. Opens and closes your chicken coop automatically at dawn and dusk or any time in between. Absolutely the best extra investment you will make for you and your chickens.

  • Equipment

    Chickenguard Self Locking Door

    £39.00 Add to basket

    Chickenguard self locking door kit. Retro fit onto your coop to provide a lockable door to the coop. Fits to any automatic door opener device. Replaces both runner and the existing door. Suitable for coops where the door can open vertically.

  • Equipment

    Covatutto Egg Incubator 16L Digitale

    £95.00 Add to basket

    Covatutto 16L Incubator which is auto turning with digital controls. Suitable for up to 9 large fowl eggs. We have been using these incubators but have now upgraded to an incubator with a much larger capacity. These are ideal for home egg incubation.

  • diatomaceous earth
    Pest Control

    Diatomaceous Earth

    £2.00£4.00 Select options

    Diatom aka diatomaceous earth is a totally natural product which is microscopically sharp enough to pierce the skeleton of red mite and other insects. The piercing allows for the insect to dehydrate and die. It is not a quick kill but over time is effective.

  • Hygiene

    Egg Wash Liquid 1 litre

    £5.20 Read more

    Egg wash liquid. Use 2 tsp per 2 litres of warm water to clean and sanitise eggs if they need cleaning before incubating or eating.  Does not damage the cuticle of the egg.


  • Chicken feeder

    Eton Chicken Feeder

    £7.50£11.00 Select options

    Chicken Pellet Feeder which is available in 2 sizes. Well designed hanging chicken feeders from Eton. Helps stop food being dragged out whilst eating. Easy to clean and disinfect

  • Equipment

    Eton Chicken Grit Feeder – Brown

    £7.50 Add to basket

    Large Grit feeder to keep your mixed poultry grit dry. Can be used outdoors so your grit doesn’t get wet.

  • Fertile Egg
    Hatching Eggs

    Fertile Eggs for hatching – COLLECTION ONLY

    £2.50£15.00 Select options

    Fertile hatching eggs from our range of chickens. All are very freshly laid and available for collection. All our birds are large fowl – not bantam sized. PLEASE NOTE PRICE IS PER EGG EXCEPT FOR THE MIXED 6 GROUP


  • Equipment

    Henlays Chicken Coop

    £599.00 Add to basket

    Eco friendly chicken coop, good for the planet, great for chickens and perfect for you. Made from recycled plastic and designed so that cleaning is a breeze. The perfect modern design with a traditional slant.

  • Deposits

    Holding Deposit

    £10.00 Add to basket

    Reserve deposit for chickens. Only use this after discussion with Julie

  • Hen Boarding

    Holiday Boarding for Hens – Booking

    £8.00 From Confirm Your Booking

    Hen holiday booking facility to ensure your hens are cared for while you are away.

    1. Choose your coop
    2. Then select your start and end days.
    3. Any extras you would like
    4. Not forgetting to select the number of hens for treatment

    Then Click Confirm Your Booking.

  • Hen Boarding

    Holiday Care Visits for Chickens

    £8.00 Per Visit plus mileage Confirm Your Booking

    Holiday care where we visit you to take care of your chickens while you are not around.

    Add the days to your booking and then add the mileage product to your basket afterwards based your distance from CH66 4RB and the number of visits required.

  • how to care for chickens

    How to Care for Chickens – HH00002

    £3.00 Add to basket

    Instant download of essential basic info on how to keep chickens in the garden. It covers feeding, quarantine, red mite, pecking order and suggested minimum products and equipment needed for safe garden chicken care.

  • Feed - Click & Collect only

    Mixed Poultry Grit 1.5Kg

    £3.00 Add to basket

    Mixed poultry grit for laying hens in 1.5 kilo tub

  • Courses

    Online Chick Hatching and Incubation Course

    £59.00 Add to basket

    Brand New Course

    Join our course to learn how to source, and incubate poultry eggs. Successful hatching is guaranteed if you allow us to take your hand and receive our expert guidance. Chick care and first aid is detailed to give your newly hatched chicks a positive start in life. Instant access. Book today, start today.

  • Courses

    Online Chicken Keeping Course – Foundation

    £42.00 Add to basket

    Join our instant access online Chicken Keeping Course where you can work your way through our professionally styled and comprehensive course at your leisure. We have masses of information for you to delve into, with quizzes along the way to test your progress.

  • Probed Chicken Bedding
    Bedding Click & Collect only

    Poultry Bedding – Click and Collect only

    £10.00 Add to basket

    ProBed is an excellent bedding for chicken coops. Highly absorbent and nice smelling with added antimicrobial treatment. Dust free. Can be used on the coop floor and in nest boxes. A little goes a long way.

  • poultry feed
    Feed - Click & Collect only

    Poultry Feed

    £0.80£13.00 Select options

    Poultry Feed. In spite of Covid-19 we are managing to get limited supplies of feed. Collection Only WITH social distancing.


  • Poultry Pep 500gm

    Poultry Pep

    £5.00 Add to basket

    Poultry Pep is a vitamin and mineral supplement designed to improve gut health and immunity. Contains calcium and calcium helpers like phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

  • Poultry Shield

    Poultry Shield

    £6.50 Add to basket

    Poultry Shield is a good all round product for dealing with both disinfection of the coop and also destroying red mite. It is pleasant to use and should be used at every clean.

  • Prolapse care for chickens

    Prolapsed Chicken Care Sheet

    £3.50 Add to basket

    Prolapsed chicken care sheet. Downloadable step by step instruction and advice about how to solve this most urgent and life threatening issue.

  • Health

    Purple Spray Plus Aloe 250ml

    £4.00 Read more

    Purple Spray Plus is a one stop shop for wound treatment of any sort in chickens. Helps prevent further damage by over-zealous coop-mates

  • Redtop fly trap
    Pest Control

    Red Top Fly Trap

    £10.00 Add to basket

    Genuine Red Top fly trap. Lures around 20,000 blue and green bottles to their doom. Hang in full sun away from you and your chickens. Harmless to pollinator insects

  • Health

    Repiderma Spray 250ml

    £11.00 Read more

    Repiderma is an antiseptic skin protection and healing spray. Very useful for damage to the feet and other injuries.

  • Scarper Clear Anti peck spray

    Scarper Clear Anti-Peck

    £5.99 Add to basket

    The clear and non-staining version of Scarper to stop your chickens destructively feather pecking each other. Especially useful for white and light coloured birds

  • Health

    Shell-aid 100ml

    £4.90 Read more

    Shell-aid 100ml for supplementary calcium when a chicken is having difficulty maintaining good shell quality. Use for 7 days.

  • Health

    Worm Testing Kit

    £12.00 Add to basket

    Complete worm testing kit by Westgate Labs to find if your chickens need worming. Place samples in the envelope provided and send it off to be tested. The results will be back soon.

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