Biodri Coop Sanitising Powder



Biodri is a super absorbent DEFRA grade disinfecting, drying and deodorising powder. Suitable for use in all animal housing and with animals and birds of all ages. Refills

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Biodri Coop Sanitising Powder is a super absorbent disinfecting, deodorising powder.

Biodri is ideal for use in all livestock housing and it is suitable for use with animals and birds of all ages.

It has a unique odour control formulation which eliminates strong ammonia smells.

Biolink BioDri controls bacterial and viral challenges because it contains BioVX which is a DEFRA approved disinfectant. 

Most nasty pathogens thrive in moist and damp conditions so the drier you can keep the environment the better. This is here Biodri excels. The drying properties of Biodri means it extends the life of your bedding material. Dry litter helps reduces the spread of Necrotic Enteritis and salmonella, amongst many other undesirable infections. Drying the droppings will reduce the quantity of ammonia created and so helps guard against respiratory distress. Ammonia is a big problem for chickens as it forces the respiratory system to produce more mucus which clogs up their airways.

Biodri does not contain poisons so it is suitable for organic production.

You use the product by sprinkling a handful per square metre under the bedding on the floor and in the nest boxes. It can tackle moisture around drinkers, coop floor, nestboxes, feeders and pop-holes thereby reducing the risk of infection. Biodri is best suited for using in an indoor environment rather than outside in a run.

We supply Biodri in bags but we can refill your original tubs if you wish to recycle them.


Weight 2.00 kg

Biodri 10Kg, Biodri 1Kg


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