French Copper Black Marans

The Marans (always plural) is a large fowl with a stocky build. They are quite friendly. Their main characteristics are the feathered legs (English Marans do not have this) and feathered outside toes. They also lay the most wonderful mahogany reddish brown egg. As the colour is the last thing to be applied to the egg before it is laid it takes quite a long time in “manufacture” to create such a depth of colour. This means that Marans lay steadily well, but not prolific. The eggs are well worth the wait however.

The Copper Black Marans is mostly a black bird which is wonderful glossy oily sheen which glows in the sun. They have copper round the neck hackles and onto the breast. They have feathered legs and the feathering extends down to the outside toe.

Classed as Large Fowl but there is a bantam version at a quarter of the size.

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