Rhode Island Red chick

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red Description

The Rhode Island Red is a beautiful bird with a rich deep mahogany glossy colouring. They are often described as having a brick shape. Many commercial hybrids are based on this breed as part of their genetic makeup, because that’s how good this breed is. The hybrids, however, lack the richness and glossiness of colour that the pure breed possesses. A good example has yellow legs. Lots of unscrupulous breeders try to pass hybrids off as Rhodies, more by ignorance than design, we would hope. They are good layer with a winning personality. Rhode Island Reds would be classed as a heritage breed which originated in the United States of America. These chickens lay a brown egg but in America the supermarket preference is for white eggs. For this reason therefore, they are not the main breed in USA commercial flocks. Rhode Islands also come in white variation.

Rhode Island Red Breed Temperament

A confident kind of chicken who will very rarely be found at the bottom of the pecking order. They can be calm or a bit of a bully, but this breed can be very dependent on the individual personality of the chicken. Most tend to be friendly and tolerant of their coop-mates. As regards being a good garden bird or a good pet then we can wholeheartedly recommend them. They are not a skittish breed at all so can be very easy to handle, even by novices.

Breed Size

A Rhode Island Red is classified as a large fowl – light and can be dual purpose, good for eggs and meat.


A Rhode Island Red is a very good producer of large medium brown eggs. They will lay approx 200 to 240 eggs in their first laying year.

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