Blue Cochin Cockerel

Cockerels For Sale

We invariably have several cockerels for sale whatever the time of year. The breeds we currently have are Brahma, Leghorn and Cochin. These roosters are what we have left from our breeding program. We handle them regularly so consequently, they are mild mannered and accepting of human interaction.

Cockerels make a beautiful and valuable addition to a flock of hens because they are excellent as an early warning sign of danger. They will protect their flock with vigour against any predator. The boys also find food for the flock and will provide fertility for the eggs when they are laid.

It is always better to match the hen breed size with a similar sized cockerel. Something like a Brahma for instance is better suited to the large breed sizes like Cochin, Orpington or indeed Brahma. You don’t need to get the same breed of cockerel as your hens, however, unless you want to do breeding for pure breeds.

Please note that we do not sell our boys for the table or for any other purpose than to accompany a flock of hens.

Pictures of some of our available boys

Available Roosters

The gallery above is a small selection of what we have available. We have Brahma in Buff, and Blue Buff Columbian. There are also some Cochins in Blue and Blue Splash. We have a young white Leghorn boy who is looking rather splendid and a Utility Light Sussex boy. Some of the younger boys don’t have proper tails yet as the hens they are with are finding them irresistible. Boys also feather up more slowly than the hens and almost always have a bare back and rather stumpy tail. These are the last feathers to make an appearance.

All the boys we have are £15 each which reflects the amount of care and socialisation we have given to them as they grow. It also contributes to their feed and bedding costs. Selling the boys too cheaply also means that they could more likely become prey to those who might wish to do them harm or worst still use them for illegal fighting or baiting.