Black Araucana cockerel

Nero the black Araucana

Surplus cockerels availability

As we breed most of our own birds, we often have some surplus cockerels for sale. Each rooster is priced according to breed. Please note that we do not sell our boys for the table or for any other purpose than to accompany a flock of hens.

Araucana Cockerels Large Fowl £15 each

We currently have a pure Blue Araucana cockerel from a lovely blue egg strain, who needs a quality home with a flock of his own. He was hatched in 2018 and like all our boys is very calm and non-aggressive to humans. This rooster is mature now and is producing fertile eggs.  The Araucana is looking rather scruffy at the moment because his ladies like to groom him too much however he seems to like it, which is why his feather coverage round his beard and facial muff is sparse. His ladies just don’t fancy the current trend for beards in their menfolk. The blue Araucana is rather different to the more usually seen Lavender Araucana.  We are selling him for £15 each. These are from a blue egg strain.

We have a range of colours in very young Araucana cockerels too which were hatched in Feb and March 2019.

Barney the Blue Salmon Faverolles £15 each

Our next rooster is Barney who was hatched in 2018 and is a Blue Salmon Faverolles. The Blue Salmon Faverolles is a rare colour and very beautiful. Barney has a quiet nature and he has matured nicely.

We have lots of other “Barneys” hatched 2019 which are stunning.

We have some Faverolles in mottled also.

Light Brahma Cockerel Large Fowl £15

Alfred is a young Light Brahma who is well mannered and very easy to handle. He still has a bit of growing to do but he is already a nice big boy.  He will need to be with heavy hens such as Brahma or Cochin or Faverolles to fit in with the flock as he will flatten a smaller bird. As soon as I point a camera at Alfred he just sits down, or looks away. I reckon he is wanting to stay incognito. Alfred’s hatch date is mid 2018.

We have Buff Brahma and Gold Partridge Brahma boys too hatched 2019

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Swedish Flower Hens £15 each

We have a small number of Swedish Flower Hen cockerels. These Swedish Flower Hen cockerels from a mid 2018 hatch are now looking for a flock of their own girls. In this batch we have both non-crested boys and crested boys of which some are black-based and some are blue-based. These are still very rare in this country. The whole point of this rare breed however is to not select for colour traits. It evolved in its native Sweden over generations of random wild introductions. These have eventually created the lovely flowering of the feathers in the breed today. These are £15 each.

Coronation Sussex Rooster £15

Another rare boy is available. Our Coronation Sussex cockerel is a little pale coloured but if you pair him with a Light Sussex then the neck hackles will be a stronger grey colour in any hens that have hatched.

We have regular Light Sussex boys too as at August 2019