All Black Rock Chickens are not the same

We are an official agent for the famous and original Black Rock hens that are supplied all the way from Scotland’s Muirfield hatchery. Our area covers Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales. Click here for further breed information.

Breaking News!!!!

We are getting a delivery of point of lay Black Rock, Brown Rock and also Utility Sussex early March 2019. Contact us to reserve your hens as we sell out fast.

Black Rock Breed Description

This hardy breed is renowned for having a long laying life and is bred to be happy in the sometimes challenging Scottish weather. It is not unusual for it to be a bit parky up there.

They are a very special recipe which has been handed down over generations and is only available from selected agents throughout the country, more importantly, be sure you don’t confuse the Black Rock with a Rhode Rock. The Rhode Rock is a commercial style hybrid which comprises of a Rhode Island Red and a Barred Plymouth Rock, therefore, a lot of chicken suppliers will try to capitalise on the Black Rock name by using the same name. All black and gold birds are consequently not the same. If you are unsure, you can check the agent status through the supplier by following this link to the Muirfield Hatchery. If you get offered a Black Rock cockerel, rest assured it is not the genuine article, as they do not exist.

Her stunning blue/black plumage comes alive with a vibrant sheen when the sun shines. She also has a collar of gold coloured feathers extending down to her abdomen. The gold patterning on the front and neck is different on each bird, therefore, some have more gold than others.

When looking for a Black Rock chicken please make sure that you get the genuine article by coming to us. We get regular deliveries of day-old chicks that we raise to point of lay. We handle them daily to ensure that they are socialised and not prone to panic. Consequently, a hen that is already quite a friendly bird, becomes more so when we get our hands on them.

Brown Rock Temperament

This lovely hen is a friendly inquisitive and confident bird. They are well suited to a mixed flock of similarly sized or even larger birds. They are not usually at the bottom of the pecking order.

Breed Size

A Black Rock is classified as large fowl – light


The eggs from a Black Rock are the normal supermarket biscuit colour. They are medium to large in size and she will lay 4-5 eggs a week in her first laying year.