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What Chickens for Sale do we have?

Here at Hedgerow Henporium you will find that we have a varied selection of sweet-natured chickens for sale, all at different ages. We generally have between 50 and 150 birds available. Our stock changes frequently throughout the year. If it turns out that we don’t have what are you currently looking for, we probably will in a few weeks time. Browse through our breeds pages to see what hens for sale we currently have. This will also give you more background on our lovely ladies. Hopefully this further information will assist you to make an informed decision.

Julie or Keith will be on hand to help you make your choice. We will offer hens for sale based on what is suitable for your situation, skill level and will also be the most compatible with your household. Choosing a chicken is a bit like choosing chocolates. Not everyone likes the same colour etc. You may find that once you have been introduced to our girls, then you might even go home with something completely different from your original intention. I put this down to the chickens themselves. They are more than capable of captivating their new owners very easily.

Our Ethos

We don’t mass produce chickens. You won’t find our birds crammed into a warehouse by the thousands. These intensively reared and rarely handled warehouse style birds have no better conditions than battery hens in our opinion.

We don’t “pile ’em high and sell ’em cheap”. We charge a fair price for our chickens for sale. This accounts for the amount of work we have devoted to our ladies. There are plenty of people who will sell birds cheaply by cutting corners. This is not our way.

We always like to know the history of any birds we sell so we don’t visit auctions to buy birds to sell on. You cannot guarantee the health status of auction birds that have been bought for buttons. Health is important to us and our birds and we won’t risk that for anything.

We do buy hatchery chicks in at day-old for some of our hybrids and our Muirfield stock but we raise them our way. Parent stock of hatchery chicks are disease free so there is no vertical transmission of disease from parent to chick via the egg. Raising them ourselves means we know their health status and we know them individually.

We will not cheat you by palming you off with a cockerel either. There are plenty of people selling day old chicks that have not a rats chance in hell of being sexed correctly. We would recommend you avoid these people as they give no comeback. If we sell a hen to you we will exchange it in the very rare event it turns out to be a cockerel.

As chickens are flock creatures we do not sell single birds on welfare grounds.

If you are looking for cockerels then check our cockerels page out. There are many cockerels looking for homes (here and elsewhere) so if you are able to provide a suitable and safe home for one then please ask.

Vaccinations – are they needed?

Birds do need vaccinating if they have been raised in huge numbers such as in a warehouse or intensive barn. If one birds gets sick, thousands will get sick. Not vaccinating is economic suicide for the mass-rearer. Vaccination is not for your benefit, it is for theirs. Small breeders like ourselves don’t need to vaccinate our hens for sale. This is because birds that have space and no stresses don’t face disease challenges. Immunity to disease is gained naturally in stress free surroundings. Stress of overcrowding reduces a chickens immune system to virtually nothing.

Chickens for Sale Current Availability

We list all our range of cockerels or hens for sale under the Chickens for Sale menu. Choice of hens for sale is more limited during the winter. It is best to get your birds when supply is at its peak in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Our chickens for sale are all sold on a first come, first served basis. If you really want a particular bird or breed, you should consider submitting a holding deposit to avoid disappointment.

How Do You Get Tame Chickens

Chickens are a prey animal do they will take a good while to get used to their new environment. In the wild, any change in their vicinity is a potential threat situation. Therefore, if you want happy, unstressed and tame chickens, it is beneficial to allow them plenty of settling in time.

Don’t discount the younger birds. They offer an ideal opportunity to become really tame and friendly with you before the rigours of laying commences.  Younger chickens are easier to handle for nervous youngsters and inexperienced adults alike. They are also cheaper, however, it does mean that you will have to wait a little longer for those delicious eggs to arrive. POL (or point of lay) is subjective and differs in each breed. Some chickens start to lay at 22 weeks, others can be up to 35-40 weeks before the arrival of the first egg.

We Are Unusual

If you decide to do a drive-by, you will be surprised at our residential exterior. Don’t be disheartened, behind our unlikely frontage beats the heart of a thriving chicken breeding Henporium. Most of our customers say “wow” when they first see how well setup we are.

Book A Visit Today (Please note that due to Covid-19 we are not open for Unbooked visits except for egg Sales)

We have a drop-in session on Saturdays between noon and 3pm without appointments. Viewings on days and times outside of this take place by appointment. If you are wanting to call during the week, please let us know when we may expect you. We do this to make sure that you don’t have a wasted journey, as we do occasionally get a life outside of the Henporium. Now and again we pop out to maybe get a pint of milk **smileyface**.

We are open but we cannot do viewings in the normal sense of the word, as it would need a visit through our home. In the current climate we feel this is too risky for everyone. We never sell stock that we would be unhappy to purchase ourselves.

Our chicken chores do take us outside quite a bit. More realistically, we are actually just cuddling chickens. If this is the case, we cannot hear the door knocker so please make sure you ring the bell. If we know when you are arriving, we can be strategically placed to hear the bell. You will need to give us time to leap through the garden, and perhaps remove wellies before answering the door.

If it has been raining we may have muddy conditions underfoot. For this reason, we advise against wearing high heels or your Sunday best.


During covid 19 we are avoiding cash. We will send you a mobile payment link. If you have a modern mobile phone, you can use a card to pay in advance of collection or you can pay by card on the day if you wish. We will take cash if you prefer.


We don’t often have boxes available for transport. Please bring a suitable cardboard box or pet carrier with you to transport your new girls home. During covid 19 we are ensuring no contact if possible. If you leave your box by the door we will fill it with your birds and you can collect. Please make sure you are maintaining 2 metre distance.


We send all our adoptees to their new homes with a complete care sheet, so you don’t flounder. All our hens for sale come with lifetime support.  We also happily offer telephone and email support at any time.

If you feel that you need more expert help to research about chicken care, then why not consider one of our invaluable chicken keeping courses. Details are on our courses page Click here for details

If you are wanting a bit of the good life we recommend a visit to this website low cost living

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