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This post is here to show you at a glance what we have going on and what is the latest chicken availability for sale.

Hatching Commencing from spring 2020

The incubators are now on for 2020 and we will be hatching every 3 weeks. Any chicks that are sold are either sold as sexed or unsexed. Some breeds are easier to tell than others. If we sell as sexed we offer a female guarantee so if they turn out to be boys they will be swapped or refunded. We don’t replace for those sold as unsexed as it’s a risk the buyer needs to consider before going down the unsexed day old chick route.

Newly hatching chicks
Hatching day for chicks at Hedgerow Henporium

Breeds available as at 1st July 2020

We hatched some Pure Breeds from March 2020 and ongoing and we should be able to sort the males and females out shortly. Please register on our contact form to go on the waiting list to be notified as soon as the available to be released for sale. See stock list below

This coming year 2020 we are planning to have the following breeds available. Chicken availability will consequently change during the year due to popularity. We hatch most of these ourselves from hatching eggs which we breed from our own chickens. The Muirfield breeds are genuine stock which come from Scotland. Deliveries of these are available as chicks or even at point of lay.  Point of lay are usually only here by special order unless we have raised them from chicks ourselves. If you want point of lay Muirfield layers stock as a special order, we will need a deposit beforehand to secure them however these have been in very short supply in 2019 and so far in 2020. Please click here to ask us for details.

Stock List

  • White Leghorn cockerels x 1
  • Other Cockerels – Brahma, Salmon and Blue Faverolles, Light and Coronation Sussex
  • Hy-line Brown chicks hatched 14th June 2020 female only (care info must read)
  • Cochin  – WAITING TO BE SEXED by mid July
  • Brahma – Boys only left 1 buff columbian Brahma, chicks WAITING TO BE SEXED by end June.
  • Swedish Flower Hens – WAITING TO BE SEXED by early July
  • Faverolles – WAITING TO BE SEXED by end July
  • Black Rock Muirfield – Delivery of dayold females expected 2nd July 2020 (fingers crossed)
  • Brown Rock Muirfield – SOLD OUT – awaiting further deliveries
  • Utility Sussex Muirfield – SOLD OUT – awaiting further deliveries
  • Cream Legbar – hatched 19th April 2020 ready now
  • Copper Black Marans – hatched 19th April 2020 ready now
  • Marans X White Leghorn – hatched 19th April 2020 ready now
  • Hedgerow Homemades – WAITING TO BE SEXED by early July

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