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Latest stock page so you can see at a glance what we have going on and what is the latest chicken availability for sale.

  • Splash Cochin and Brahma
  • Blue Salmon Faverolles
  • Swedish Flower Cockerel
  • Salmon Faverolles Boy
  • Black Rock Hens
  • Cockerel Group
  • Sussex group
  • Hatching Eggs
  • Chicks and Hen

Latest Chicken availability as at 10th July 2021

We had a busy year in 2020 as it seems COVID 19 has encouraged people to begin to keep chickens in the garden. 2021 is beginning to show a similar pattern so we are hatching as fast as nature will allow whilst still being mindful that we need to give them the best care possible.

New Breeds Available

We will be offering some new breeds this year such as Ixworth and Marsh Daisies. We have obtained some rather lovely Ixworth chickens as our breeding stock. Once the Ixworth chickens start to produce eggs in sufficient numbers for us to incubate, we can offer those for sale in due course. Ixworth are a rare and splendid dual purpose bird which are pure white. Marsh Daisies are a chicken breed which originated in Lancashire. Marsh Daisy chickens will be offered for sale at intervals through the year albeit in small numbers.

Hatching Eggs – see latest stock

We are now offering hatching eggs for collection only just at the moment. Ring us on 01244~646 ~ 026 to book collection or we have some on our shop page

Waiting List

Our waiting list is still active because demand remains high. Join our list if you want to be told when our latest stock is ready. You can register on our contact form to go on the waiting list if you would like to keep informed. How our waiting list works

Latest stock Available Listed below

  • Other CockerelsBlue Splash Cochin, Swedish Flower. Cream Legbar All £15 each
  • Young chicks hatching soon sold unsexed
  • Cochin  – Dayolds unsexed from £7.50
  • Brahma X Cochin – which are unsexed from £7.50
  • Faverolles – which are unsexed from £7.50
  • Bluetails/Blacktails – In-house Rhode Island Red crossed with Sussex which are hatching late July 2021. Blue or Blacktails will need to be kept indoors but will be ready to go soon
  • Black Rock ® – We have LOTS of these in day old female chicks. (care info MUST be read). Some Black Rocks are 16 weeks whereas some are 7 weeks old
  • Brown Rock ® – We have 6 of these which were hatched 4th July (female). They are currently about 14 weeks old
  • Cream Legbar – We have females in these as hatched 25th May 2020
  • Hedgerow Homemades – Dayolds unsexed from £7.50
  • Swedish Flower hens – Dayolds and older unsexed from £7.50
  • Hatching eggs – now available in Araucana crosses (with Swedish Flower), Sussex and Faverolles

Breaking News!!!!

Teacher chicken

Exciting development. Our chicken keeping courses are now ONLINE. See our Chicken Keeping Courses Page for details so you can START ONE TODAY.

Easy to follow

We are hoping that people will find the easy-to-follow bite size chunks an enjoyable experience. It is crammed with masses of information you should know about keeping chickens. It will take you on a deep dive into the fascinating world of this wonderful creature. We guarantee that you will therefore learn things that will make you think about chickens in a totally new light.

Getting it right

It will help you to make good equipment choices, and get your husbandry right. Spotting illness quickly is a biggie because unless you are able to spot sickness, it can rapidly get way out of hand. A slow or wrong diagnosis can then be catastrophic for the chicken.

Easing the burden

Getting the right coop for example will make the cleaning out of your chickens a 10 minute job rather than a real thankless task. We help you get it right, first time. This saves you money and time and who doesn’t need some of that?


Chickens are enjoyable however making poor choices can take the shine off it very quickly.

Premium Chickenguard

We are now able to offer Chickenguards for your coops

Having chickens is great but getting up early in the morning however to let them out especially in Summer is not so great.

Fitting a chickenguard on your coop means you can have that lie in or even just get up at normal time rather than chicken time.

Chickenguards will allow you to go out of an evening and not have to get back at dusk to shut your chooks away. Chickenguard will do it all for you. Your chickens will not demand that you become party poopers.

Battery powered with 4 AA batteries which last from 6 to 12 months.

Visit our shop page for more info

Henlay Coop

We are now stocking Henlays Roost chicken coops.

Perfectly designed coops that are manufactured from 12mm thick recycled plastic sheets.

Built with both chicken welfare and human welfare in mind because humans matter too. They look and feel solid.

No more back breaking stooping or crouching to clean out. Contortionism is also not required. Just open the roofline, lift the well spaced perches out and hey presto, the entire coop area is at the mercy of your shovel and scraper.

Red mite will be spotted in double quick time so therefore you can treat if necessary as they have no where to hide.

Visit our shop page for details

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