Brown Rock chickens direct from the Muirfield Hatchery in Scotland

The Brown Rock is another lovely hen that we get in as chicks from the Muirfield Layers Hatchery in Scotland. She is essentially, half Light Sussex and half Rhode Island Red, which is a popular, and often used pairing. Furthermore, this gives a sex-linked chicken where the boys and girls can be determined at hatch by the colour of their down feathers.  Boys hatch yellow and girls hatch brown.  This pairing is frequently called a Blacktail. More information from the Muirfield Hatchery here

Breaking News!!!!

We are getting a delivery of point of lay Black Rock, Brown Rock and also Utility Sussex early March 2019. Contact us to reserve your hens as we sell out fast.

Breed Description

The Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red in her makeup are from top UK utility breeding lines to capitalise on her laying ability. She is a lovely ginger hen which shows a complimenting black tip to her tail and wings. You will see black markings in her neck hackles, and additionally, you will find black flecks in the body feathers of some individuals. She can also be described by many as a Blacktail.

Breed Temperament

She is a brilliant additional to any mixed flock. She is very confident, just like a Black Rock, and she produces a good number of eggs for the family. She has the capacity to be extremely friendly to her human owners, however, she is not flighty either, so you will rarely need to clip wings. You will often find her at the head of the queue when you are handing out any treats, which could dominate other milder mannered hens. If you like the more traditional look in your chickens, then the Brown Rock is a good one to get.

Breed Size

A Brown Rock is classified as large fowl – light. She mixes well with chickens of her own size or larger.


Eggs are a medium to large size and light brown in colour. She will comfortably produce 4-5 eggs per week in her first laying year.