Coronation Sussex Description

Coronation Sussex are very rare. They are a new breed for us to stock and are very similar to the Light Sussex however where the Light Sussex has black neck hackles, wing tips and tail tip, the Coronation Sussex has a pale grey in those areas. We are fortunate to have these in our breeding flock with two magnificent cockerels. Grayson and son of grayson. We havent thought of a name for him yet.

Son of Grayson Coronation Sussex
Coronation Sussex son of Grayson

Breed Temperament

She is a typical Sussex temperament. She is confident but also not a lover of being cuddly. They are not usually the sort of chicken that dominates a flock. They mix well with other chickens and are good layers.

Breed Size

This breed is classified as a large fowl – light


Eggs are a biscuit colour or pale tinted and in good numbers. Approximately 4-5 eggs per week in their first laying year. They come into lay at around the 25 week mark. The egg size is medium to large


These are £7 from un-sexed day-olds rising to £30


We don’t have any at the moment but we will be hatching during the year 2019