Bluetail x Rhode Island Red

Hedgerow Blacktail Bluetail

Blacktail Bluetail Description

The Hedgerow Blacktail Bluetail is a lovely and friendly hen that’s just a little bit different. She has been produced from specially selected highly productive strains of Sussex and Rhode Island Red. Similar to a Columbian colouration but with a slight variation. The Rhode Island Red cockerel has had his wicked way with Light Sussex and Coronation Sussex hens. This means that the Coronation colouration is coming out in a lot of these with the blue neck and blue tail. Some are more Blacktailed with black round the neck. She makes a traditional and yet interesting addition to any flock of garden hens.

Breed Temperament

Blacktail and Bluetails are calm, inquisitive and friendly. She can be very attentive, especially when she is on the lookout for a treat. Just try to pick up a spade to do some digging and these hens will appear out of nowhere to take a very keen interest in your efforts.

Breed Size

A Hedgerow Blacktail or Bluetail is classified as large fowl – light. They mix well with breeds of a similar size except very timid birds.

Blacktail Bluetail Eggs

She will be expected to produce 180 to 200 large brown eggs in her first laying year. The eggs will start off quite small but will increase in size as the hen matures.

Further Information

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