Hedgerow Blue Description

This Hedgerow Blue chicken is a very popular powder blue beauty and we normally sell out of these very quickly. She is a commercial hybrid created using top producing strains of Blue Plymouth Rock and Barred Plymouth Rock. Her blue colouring can vary enormously from pale grey right through to a darker blue/grey. She has lovely darker lacing around the edge of each feather which is more noticeable in some hens than others. Her neck feathers are darker too and again it is more prominent in some hens rather than others. These hens are very similar looking to a hen known as a Bluebell.

Hedgerow Blue Temperament

Personality wise, she is a calm hen with a good character, however, they can vary enormously in terms of bravery. Some birds can be very skittish whereas others are very “in your face”. They don’t generally cause any problems within a mixed flock. This blue chicken is a sweet-natured beauty and is a pleasure to own.

Breed Size

Our Blue has quite a matronly build, but neither too big nor too small.


Our Hedgerow Blue will lay in the region of 300 delicious largish darker brown eggs in her first laying year. The eggs size will start off fairly small as she is learning her “craft” but they increase in size gradually over the course of the following few weeks. She is considered to be point of lay between 22 and 25 weeks

Eggs are laid in their highest quantity in the hens first laying year which is 52 weeks after point of lay. The second laying year will, therefore, have a slight reduction in eggs numbers. The third laying year will have an even more marked reduction in the numbers of eggs produced. Egg production is a big strain on the hens resources, therefore, hybrids – due to their high numbers of yearly eggs – will stop laying sooner than pure breeds. The term live fast – die young is applicable to most hybrids.

Further information

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