Hedgerow Cuckoo Description

The Hedgerow Cuckoo is a pretty commercial quality hybrid with her beetle green black shining through her feathers like jewels. Her genetic breeding is part Barred Plymouth Rock and part Rhode Island Red. The Cuckoo makes a “spectacular” addition to your flock, and everyone invariably wants one. From a distance she looks grey but when you get closer you can see that she has a beauty that is particularly noticeable in the sun when the black shines though. Her vivid red comb and wattles contrast beautifully with the colour of her feathers.

To an untrained eye our Hedgerow Cuckoo looks similar in appearance to a Coucou Marans, but there are some marked differences. She doesn’t lay a dark brown egg as a Marans does. Her legs are clean and unfeathered too. She is not quite as stockily built as a Marans.

Hedgerow Cuckoo Breed Temperament

She is a very calm and peaceful hen and will therefore enjoy a cuddle once she has decided she can trust you. This breed often has a tendency to be quite chatty. Cuckoo hybrids are expected to be non-broody which is normal for most hybrids however, there may be the odd one who didn’t read the manual.

Breed Size

The Cuckoo is classified as a large fowl – light.


A Hedgerow Cuckoo will lay over 300 large light brown eggs in her first laying year. Her first eggs will be smaller however, she will produce larger eggs over the coming weeks.

Further Information

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