Hedgerow White Leghorn

A Hedgerow White Leghorn is a commercial quality hybrid chicken. Historically, Leghorns came from the Livorno region of Italy and took the world by storm. This remarkable but petite hen is a phenomenal success story. This hybrid chicken is bred from 4 specially selected utility strains of White Leghorn. Her laying ability has increased as a consequence. A Hedgerow White Leghorn is pure white with a thin spade-shaped tail which is held at a jaunty 45-degree angle. It also has the classic large and floppy hat-like comb that is so typical of a Leghorn.

She is a bit more active than the other hens we have and she lays a large startlingly white egg. Given she lays over 300 eggs in her first laying year from such a small frame she is undoubtedly amazing. As she is a fairly slender and light bird she also flies quite well.  Consequently, she may need a wing clip to ensure she remains safe if going for a jaunt will put her in danger. Leghorns are the Indiana Jones of the chicken world and do love to explore, so close confinement does not really suit them.

Breed Temperament

Leghorns are not known to be the most cuddly of hens but with careful and sensitive handling they can be very attentive and very easy to handle. We had two Tilly and Flossy who were actually the friendliest hens in their flock. Despite their reputation for not being the best pet hen, we think that everyone should have one of these in their flock just for the eggs alone.

Breed Size

They are classified as large fowl – light. By large fowl standards, they are at the lighter end of the scale.


They lay over 300 large brilliant white eggs in their first laying year.