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Our waiting list is a mailchimp list whereby we can send an email to all our waiting list subscribers who would like to know when we have some chickens for sale. You can find the waiting list option on our contact form here

We have been inundated with requests for chickens for sale ever since Covid-19 has taken over the newsreels of the world. We have restocked hybrids and Black Rocks twice but sold out of older chickens almost immediately. Our suppliers have exhausted their supplies and have no more available. Chicken availability at this time is somewhat of a problem but we are addressing it and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Our chicken availability is normally timed so that we can meet our normal demand levels. This year has caught us unawares. We normally mostly hatch from our own breeding flock and this year has been no different. Our incubators have been working flat out to try to meet the demand. We have been unable to keep anything long enough for it to become point of lay as they are sold well before that. Such is the current demand. Chicks can be sexed at 6-8 weeks old but anything younger than that is sold as unsexed with the uncertainty that comes with that. If choosing unsexed, (younger than around 6 weeks) then you have a high risk of getting boys. We don’t offer a girl guarantee with unsexed chicks. We are updating our availability on our blog page

Up to now, we have had some multi-coloured breeds of commercial hybrids and some Muirfield Black Rock, Brown Rock and Utility Sussex. We are now incubating Cochin, Brahma, Swedish Flower Hens, Coronation Sussex and Salmon Faverolles.

Essential things to do while you are waiting

While you are on our waiting list, you may wish to research good chicken husbandry minimum requirements. Chickens don’t require much but they do require the correct care to enable them to lay well and remain healthy.

It is coming to our attention that some people are of the opinion that they can just dump chickens in the garden and they will stroll around popping out some eggs every day. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their welfare needs to be high priority. Chickens require housing for safety and weather protection. You need to feed your chickens well with a diet that is best suited for avian digestive systems. Feeding them household scraps is not allowed and is certainly not going to give them a diet which will make them most productive or healthy. Based on the saying rubbish in, rubbish out. With hens it is definitely rubbish in, nothing out.

Most important is how to avoid your new hens from becoming a convenient takeway snack for a hungry fox or badger. Check out our chicken foxproofing post for tips to safeguard your chickens

How to get notified of new stock

Please use our Contact page to be added to our waiting list. Tick the waiting list option along with the “opt-in” to give us permission to contact you. Our mailing lists, which are infrequent, have an easy unsubscribe link to unsubscribe at any time. We do not wish to annoy you by emailing you unnecessarily. Please know that we take your privacy very seriously and will not spam you without permission. As we say, spam is for fritters and we hate fritters.